Ugandan Threads

In exactly ten days I will begin a journey that started nearly a year ago. Lord willing, next Friday I will hop on an airplane and make my way to the heart of Africa, a little country known as Uganda. It’s really quite a long story better told over a cup of coffee…Ground Control anyone? Here’s a few of the Ugandan threads that God has been weaving…

Last fall, the Lord began stirring my heart and burdening me with desires of things so very far beyond myself. What began as conversations, sermons, books, and research turned into prayers, passion, heartbreak, and confirmation through others and through the Word. The Lord has burdened my heart with a deep ache for the “least of these” (Matt 25) and over the course of these months, has shaped this burden into a step of obedience. What began as a heart for Africa became a heart for Uganda specifically. What began as a big question mark became a trip to Uganda ministering specifically to orphans. God has moved and worked in such a clear way through this journey and, Lord willing, I’ll be headed to Uganda next Friday for a trip with Visiting Orphans ( to minister to orphans and the least of these.

God has been so faithful to do a new thing in my heart and life and it has been such a joy to journey down this path with Him!

While in Uganda, our team will be ministering to the orphans and staff at six different ministries. We will spend time at Ekubo Ministries ( and Pillars of Hope (, two orphanages with an emphasis on holistic community improvement. We will stay at and minister at Canaan Children’s Home ( another established orphanage, Sangaalo Baby Cottage (an orphanage for younger children), as well as Ekisa Ministries ( an orphanage for disabled children. We will also have the privilege of ministering to the Karamajong women, a group of tribal women in extreme poverty. I also will have the absolute honor of spending a day with Rachael, our Sponsor Child through Compassion.

I share all this because I greatly covet your prayers. Many of you who are reading this have expressed a desire to partner with me in prayer along this journey. If you think of me in the next two weeks, would you lift me and my team up in prayer? Here are some things to take before the throne of grace (Hebrews 4):

-Team unity, safety, and effectiveness for the Glory of the Lord

-Knowing how to be the hands and feet of Christ to the staff and children

-Hearts of compassion in the midst of a lot of despair

-My time with Rachael, to show her God’s love

-Personal and group clarity on what God has for us when we return home

-My hubby while I’m gone, that the Lord would knit our hearts even though he can’t join me in Uganda

The Lord has made it apparent throughout this entire process that this journey is not just about obeying Him and going and loving, but that He has specific things for me to learn and put into practice upon my return. Would you especially pray that I would enter into this journey with eyes wide open to whatever the Lord has in store and how that connects with His kingdom-building plans and purpose for my one life? I would be ever so grateful.

I will also be attempting to update my blog while in-country (internet-pending) to post more up-to-date prayer requests and just sharing what the Lord has been up to. Thank you SO MUCH for you prayers. Seriously, they mean so much. And for those of you who have financially supported this journey, thanks upon thanks to you all. I couldn’t have done any of this without your love and support.

And really, whether we go or give or pray, none of it really matters unless our hearts are CHANGED by our action. May God bring us all beyond the brink of ourselves and into the unfathomable reaches of His Loving-Kindness and perfect Faithfulness as we pour ourselves out for this hungry and broken world. And may our hearts be tender enough to break with the things that break His and to respond in obedience when He compels us to act.



4 thoughts on “Ugandan Threads

  1. Lexi! I’m so excited to see your journey unfold! Uganda is such a magical place and it will most definately steal a part of your heart! I’m so excited that you will be visiting Ekisa as well. I long to go back and serve there as well! I would love to get together when ever you make it back to IN so we can talk about your trip! ❤

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