Ekubo- Spreading Hope


Thank you all SO much for your prayers! We arrived safely in Africa on Sunday, with Ethopia (literally) rising to meet us, via Addas Adaba.

Beautiful Ethopia.

And today (Monday) was our first day ministering at Ekubo ministries. We have been greatly taken care of, I’m LOVING the food and the beautiful people. Spent the day traveling to Ekubo where we were welcomed in a way that I’m convinced only Africa can muster. The bring you to tears welcome of joy and love that I’m finding is rampant in this country.

Learned about the history of Ekubo (more to come) which is amazing. They have a sponsorship program (CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE POSTED PREVIOUSLY) which includes feeding and education. They have a church, and are in the process of building a hospital (HUGE financial need–pray about it!) as well as a baby home. The baby home is tremendously important because if they don’t have the house they have to turn orphan babies away where they usually end up in a goverment orphanage which usually isn’t the best decision for many reasons..(explain later). We have a delicious lunch, watched another amazing cultural performance by the kids that they have been working on for a long time (they are looking to travel as a childrens chore which would be HUGE for them—let me know if you want more info about how to get them to your church). Ekubo is only 1.5yrs old. Amazing people behind it with an amazing story.

Tomorrow we head back to serve in the clinic (we have nurses on our team), the baby cottage, as well as the school. We will spend the following day there as well. The next is a travel day to Jinja.

Please continue praying for our team–for being able to spread God’s love to these people, for team unity, safety, sleep and health.

Will try to update again in a few days!!!





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