Feeling Mom-ish and other things..

That’s right, off and on today I’ve been feeling like a Mom.

Why, you ask?

Because I have children? No. Because I’m expecting? NOt that I’m aware of. Because I’m a Mom to a 75lb Golden Retriever? Well yes, but no!

Because yesterday I worked up the nerve to chop off all my hair! I was scared, I had cold feet, and I seriously almost freaked when my hairdresser made the first cut. But I did it!

Annnd, I like it. Expect for when I hop in my Subaru outback with my short hair and feel like there should be screaming kids in the back.

Not a Mom-cut, not a Mom-cut, not a Mom-cut.

In other news…

Wednesday was the first time sharing about my trip to Uganda! What started out as a pretty discouraging day turned into a huge blessing as I had the chance to really dig into the details of my trip with people who truly wanted to hear about it. They were very engaged and the Lord blessed our time and my heart by their involvement in all that He is doing in my life.

At the Open House, I was able to talk more in detail about Ekubo Ministries and sell some of their handmade goods after the talk. And as promised, I wanted to post some pictures of what I am selling for those of you who are interested in partnering with this Ministry!

I’m selling necklaces. Long ones, medium-sized ones, and short ones. The long ones are multicolored, and the medium and short ones are multi and solid. Here’s some pictures with their varying prices.

Long, multi. $22

Medium, multi and solid, $20

Short, multi and solid, $18

I’m selling bracelets. Wire wrap-around-wrist kind and stretchy kind, both are $10.

Wire ones, $10

Stretchy-kind, $10

I’m also selling earrings! Wire hoops and small dangly ones with varying prices.

Wire-hoop earrings, $10

Dangly earrings, $5

And I’m selling headbands because obviously everyone likes (or if you’re like my little sister, LOVES) headbands! These have stretchy elastic at the back too.

Headbands, $10

All of these items were made in the village that Ekubo ministers to and all of the funds from these sales go straight back there. Funds that will provide for the needs of the children in the Ekubo Sponsorship program. Food, uniforms, shoes, education. Funds that will support other ministry goals like the Baby Cottage and the Clinic. And funds that will give women in the village a reliable source of income that brings pride in their work.

Obviously, all of these pictures are only a small sampling of the variety of colors I have in all the jewelry as well as the headbands. If you see anything you would like to purchase or are interested in another color you don’t see, please comment on this post or send me an email/txt/etc! Also, if there are specific colors you are interested in seeing, check out “Ekubo Ministries” on Facebook for more detailed pictures of what they sell and you can order directly through them!

God bless you as you give and as you support and provide for the very real needs of the people of God.


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