Compassion in Peru

Remember how I was blessed to meet Racheal, the girl my husband and I sponsor through Compassion?

It was an incredible experience to be able to actually spend time with Racheal and show her face to face the love we have for her. And for the Lord to use a precious woman to teach me that Racheal is in fact, my own child. She is my flesh and blood. And how can you turn from that which is your very own? From a child who is a part of you?

There are plenty of incredible Sponsorship programs out there. Programs that give you the privilege of helping to raise and feed and educate and love on children. We just happened to choose Compassion. And God just happened to choose Racheal.

Since I’ve been home, it has been my great honor to have the space here and elsewhere to share the stories of those whom my life crossed paths with. It’s been my goal to share their stories in both the written and spoken word, and to give the Lord the space to do whatever He see’s fit after that.

Not only do I want to share their stories, but I also want to partner with others who do the same. So once in a while, I’ll be writing and sharing things that Compassion is up to. Sharing their heartbreak for children in impoverished lands, and sharing how the Lord is leveraging their lives and hearts for His Kingdom purposes.

And this week, Compassion is in Peru!

A team of Compassion Bloggers have traveled to Peru to witness Compassion International’s ministry to children in the highlands near Lima. This week, these bloggers will be traveling around Peru, experiencing firsthand the daily challenges of children in poverty and witnessing how Compassion works in their lives.

Would you consider reading this recent post from Shaun Groves, one of the Compassion Bloggers currently serving in Peru?

Thanks be to God that there are people who are letting the Lord so gloriously wreck their hearts with things so far beyond themselves. And thanks be to God that they aren’t just ignoring the wrecking, but are allowing the Lord to leverage their lives and hearts for the least of these. If you think of them this week, won’t you pray for the Compassion Blogger team and for the lives of those they will cross paths with?

And won’t you consider what the Lord is asking of you? There are lives literally waiting to be forever changed based on your obedience to God. Your obedience, dear friend.

Consider sponsoring a child and bringing them hope and a future.

Consider not turning your back on your own flesh and blood any longer.

This will make all the difference in their lives. A difference all eternity will behold.


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