What Faith is Made Of

It’s been several weeks now since Uganda. Five weeks, to be exact.

And time has worked in the way it knows best. Sharpening the mind’s eye and senses to the things that come as a result of the trip…the big picture things you’ve heard yourself say over and over again. Even while the things you thought you’d never forget seem to fade around the edges just a bit. Those shy smiles and the feel of soft, richly-colored skin and what it felt like to be hugged by a multitude of children all at once.

Singing the songs you sang there and looking through your pictures and remembering what it felt like there…those things help.

Now I just need that darkly-colored multitude to hug.


These five weeks have brought into sharp focus a new layer of understanding on the topic of Faith. What it is, and what it’s really made of.


The kind of the likes of Abraham who went without knowing not only what lay on the road ahead, but literally without knowing the road ahead. Not even knowing what road to even start down.

Yes he knew the promise and probably had his own vague notions of how it would all come to pass, but he didn’t know a single thing about how or when or even the first step to take.

“So Abram went, as the LORD had told him…” (Genesis 12:4)

Just that, he went. He went!

And if you keep reading the story you know that he certainly didn’t “go” perfectly, but the fact that he even set out is astonishing.


These last five weeks have shown me Faith in a way I had not previously known. They’ve shown me that Faith is made up of steps just like Abraham took, going without knowing and definitely without seeing but trusting in the One who fully knows and fully sees.

It’s steps of obedience. Steps that open wide the doors for our Faithful God to prove Himself Faithful. It’s just starting out walking, so that He can just start with the steering of our lives. I have seen this Faith. In my own last five weeks and those of my dear friends…


Faith that stands before a crowd of five or fifty-plus to be a voice for those who have none.

Faith that steps out with words and shares stories not their own.

Faith that creates nonprofits aiming to raise funds for the Ministries that are sharing Christ’s love.

Faith that leverages talents and abilities to pass on what their hearts are now heavy with.

Faith that goes back, continuing to GO BE LOVE.

Faith that uproots a family for a string of months to build a home with the suffering.

Faith that asks God to place the lonely in their family. (Psalm 68)

Faith that permanently uproots a family, obeying God’s call.

Faith that spends money differently and approaches Christmas differently.

Faith that shines brightly for all to see and rubs off on those around them.


Faith. That responds to the call without full knowing or full seeing. All of what Faith is really made of.

And can I say this, these steps of Faith have been met and totally trumped by the astonishing Faithfulness of God. He has blown me away with His Everlasting Faithfulness as I’ve watched Him come through in my life and in the lives of so many others.   Bringing in more money than you could count, answering year long prayers, confirming convictions, changing the lives of those around us, clarifying purpose, and all in incredibly perfect timing.

It’s sent me straight to the ground in utter wonder…You guys, Only God, Only God!

And so I ask and will continue to ask both you and myself.

What is your Faith made of?

Are you stepping out in obedience to do just that one next thing, allowing God to prove Himself Faithful? Or are you closing the doors tight to all that the Lord yearns to do in and through you, robbing yourself of life abundant and knowing Him as a Faithful God? (John 10)

Does your Faith consist of only doing so much or going so far so that you can hold the reigns and maintain control? Or are you living palms open to the God of the Universe in whose open hand your very life rests?

Will you and I, like Abraham, learn to step out in true Faith when the puzzle pieces aren’t crystal clear or lined up perfectly for the next move? Because that’s not Faith. And that’s never what Faith is about, never what Faith is made of.

Won’t you join me?

All of us, linking arms, and stepping out into the unknown finding a Savior and His love with us each and every step of the way.




3 thoughts on “What Faith is Made Of

  1. Lexie, thank you so much for sharing this. In His faithfulness to me, I found it and read it in His perfect timing. A wonderful reminder, inspiring me to step out in faith once again. It’s time to start planning. I believe He is encouraging me and is answering my prayer. The one I have been praying since the day I got home from Uganda… asking Him to allow me to go back again! He moved mountains to get me there the first time and it will take nothing short of that this time. It is so exciting seeing the hand of God work out His plan in your life. There is no place I’d rather be! So thankful for facebook and email. It doesn’t matter where you are, US or Japan, you can still be right here on my laptop. So nice to meet you. Will look forward to future blogs. Keep in touch! ~Shelli

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