Our goings and comings

Well, it’s been awhile…

I know, I know, I’m sorry! I truly am! It’s hard to believe that mere days have passed when life has been full enough for a month of living.

This past week has seen many new and exciting things plus plenty of the plain old ordinary.

We toured this new city turned home.

A local Buddhist temple we toured. This room is filled with boxes of ashes

A local Buddhist temple. This room is filled with boxes of ashes.


We toured a nearby city, Hachinohe, a thirty minute drive south of us.

Hachinohe fish market!!

Hachinohe fish market!!

SO stinky, but we got the best salmon we've ever had here!

SO stinky, but we got the best salmon we’ve ever had here!

A Shinto shrine.

A Shinto shrine.




We readied our house and spent the weekend painting away (with still more to do!)


A new headache, I mean experience, hand mixing our paint. Notice the grey, a safe color choice..

We enjoyed a long weekend due to Superbowl Monday morning parties….weird?!

We have one of hopefully two vehicles lined up to buy.

Lots going on, lots still to do. Continuing to meet new faces and getting excited about the opportunities for friendship that seem to be cropping up in varied places. Trying to find our place and see what the Lord has in store for this new season of life. Taking those changes slowly, settling in to what He has.

Today, actually, was our first “real-ish” day! Bryson has official gone to work at the Sq starting MQT (Mission Qual Training) which will consume the next several months of his (and my!) life. He’s hitting the ground running with a busy week to get back into the swing of things.

So of course, I thought it fitting to hit the ground running in my own way. I drove (!) myself to Bible Study this morning in a snowstorm, ran several errands, got our mail at the Post Office, and didn’t make a single horrible traffic decision. Yes friends, it’s been a big day over here!

Call me crazy, but this whole driving on the “wrong” side of the road has already started to feel right.

Tomorrow I’m starting the first of several Intro to Japanese language lessons which I’m super excited about! We’ve picked up a smattering of typical greetings these past few weeks but I’m looking forward to learning more and hoping to have intentional opportunities to use what I learn. That along with some possible cooking and origami classes, reading and plenty of tromping in knee-deep snow with Bailey Rae will keep me busy until the majority of our stuff gets here in two weeks.

By the way, this is what everything looks like right now, the golf course is just a few doors down from us…

Beautiful untouched snow on the golf course

Beautiful untouched snow on the golf course

Bailey posing pretty whilst loving life :)

Bailey posing pretty whilst loving life 🙂

Overlooking the lake and mountains in the distance

Overlooking the lake and mountains in the distance

Bailey's snow dress

Bailey’s snow dress

Yep, we’re loving this winter wonderland! Here’s some from another day..






The back of our house

The back of our house

And one more for your amusement….

Consequences of playing in melting snow...bath time!

Consequences of playing in melting snow…bath time!

Laughing much, living simplistically and wearing the same clothes often. (Never fear, we have a washer!) Staying warm, sleeping deep and thanking the Lord for going before us and faithfully preparing a way…




8 thoughts on “Our goings and comings

  1. Love all of this…hearing your “voice”, seeing the pics, knowing the LORD is surrounding you and guiding you! Praises to Him always! So thankful for your contented spirit! Love you, that officer and that retriever. 🙂

  2. It’s awesome to see all your pix. How is the language class coming Lexie? Your home looks nice and spacious:) I’m guessing your stuff will arrive soon if it hasn’t already, that will help to make it feel like home! Looks like bailey is enjoying herself too.
    Cool to see Lt B Thomas. Can’t wrap my brain around it. XD

    Keep those updates coming:) lots of love-heather
    Ps that Mochi looked awesome!!!

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