Stained Red

Because that red dirt? It never really wears off.

In fact, it’s stained deep and soaked right up into every pore and Praise God that He doesn’t let us forget.

We Praise you, Lord.

I’m learning about Faith. And deep, deep Trust.

Faith that just begins, not knowing the destination.

Trust that just keeps going, not knowing the direction.

And I’m learning it here, in Japan. Yes, that’s true. But it began in a different country entirely. And really, I’ve been learning and re-learning it for years.

So since I’ve said it before, it’s just this today.

A little remembering. A little seeking. A little begging to understand.

I believe Lord, help my unbelief.

Are the bottoms of your feet stained a beautiful Ugandan red?

Yes, friend. Yes.

Mine too.