Long time no see

It’s true, it’s been quite a long while dear blog-reading world. And as clique as the above phrase is, it incapsulates a bit of what I’ve been up too.

Currently, I’m winding down a year long commitment to leading a women’s ministry. It’s been an incredible and all-encompassing kind of experience, much of which I’m sure will be unpacked a bit in this space. I’ve also found myself regularly teaching multiple English classes, to various students with various levels of expertise. One of my favorites is a class of eight ladies, most of whom could be my grandmother. It’s kind of amazing. Also, it’s there that Akemi begins each of her English discourses with ‘long time no see.’

Ah yes friend, it has been quite a long time.

There has been a void though, one that nagged at times, and numbed at others, but a void that nonetheless remained. A space that existed and still does; soul cravings to express and create through the use of words. Typed out, and strung together, these words hold more weight in my living than I sometimes know.

At times this past year the words burst forth. Sometimes in the hiddenness of prayer. Other times in the ink smeared scribbles of my journal. Not often in this space though, at least, not often enough. But other times, the words felt a bit blocked up. At best, just cloudy. At worst, dried right up. That’s honesty, and that was hard.

I’ve found, though, that I wasn’t meant to be without these words and their consequent expression. Irregardless of their final resting place, the words needed to be labored forth, birthed out, and released.

Friends, I haven’t done that well. Sometimes it was easier to just ignore the impulse. And you do that often enough and well…

But, it’s time to turn a new page on that story. Wherever this creative journey takes me, we’ll just start right back here again. I honestly do not know what lays ahead, but that truly is okay, even when it doesn’t feel like it is.

So, it’s good to be here again—because it certainly has been quite a long time.


4 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. So good to hear from you. I had no idea what all you are doing but you can be sure I do pray for you and that Bryson every morning. You are teaching English. Are you learning Japanese too? I am trying to write another book and speaking in lots of different places. certainly keeping me busy.
    Blessings and love,

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