A Leap of Faith

Friends, we don’t know the days ahead of us. And if we’re realistic, we don’t know what the next second holds.

All of it is a gift, and life is a process of learning how to receive with joy whatever it is the Lord desires to give.

I don’t know the plans He has for me, but He does.

So, out on a limb here, a bit of a leap of faith…

I applied to be a part of Noonday’s trip to collaborate with vulnerable individuals in Rwanda to promote justice and economic opportunities that break the cycle of poverty. There is quite a cast of inspirational ladies that are a part of this trip in July. One spot is open though, for anyone who wants to apply to join them. This person is chosen based on daily votes.

If you feel so compelled, jump over here to read my heart behind going on this trip and vote for me daily until May 28th. After that point, the crew will choose three individuals for a final round of voting before deciding on the ninth and final member of this incredible team.

Africa got right down deep in the crevices of my heart, that’s true.

And if I’m honest, I’m really tired of living in the paralysis of fear. Aren’t you?

Why not step right out on that limb, and see what good plans the Lord has for you. Why not take a leap of faith and trust in the God who weaves all things together into the beautiful tapestry of a purposeful life.

I’m learning that, albeit, slowly.

And no matter the outcome, God is still God, and His heart towards us is still very, very good.


4 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith

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