The Weaving Carries On

We often hear the phrase, ‘out of the mouths of babes…’
But sometimes, it’s more like ‘out of your own mouth…’
These are words I wrote, and believed, over a year ago. Words of startling clarity, unexpectedly steady faith.
They are words I still believe, but often find myself struggling to. They are words meant to be repeated; I need to hear and receive them again, and again, and again…

The Threaded Loom

Have you ever wondered how it all winds together?

How the pieces from this day, and from that fit into one?

How the days string into weeks stringed to months and even years.

The moments. 

The ones of crystal clarity and the ones dark and cloudy. The joyous and the jaded. The purposeful and the plain.

The times of living and even of dying.

Have you wondered how they all fit, stepping back to get a closer look?

Have the gifts of distance and of time given you the eyes to finally see?

When we see, but especially when we don’t…the weaving still continues. The weaving carries on.

The knitting together, it began in the mother’s womb but it hasn’t stopped and won’t quit because the weaver Himself hasn’t quit.

All of it matters. All of it matters.

This beautiful tapestry being woven in my life and in yours…

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