Autumn Leaves

Felt a bit inspired this afternoon, and sat down to pen this. Enjoy!

*Autumn Leaves*

Whirling, twirling, all along the street

Dainty dance on tippy-toe, ballerina feet

Chameleon-colored masquerade, changing ‘fore our eyes

Mini-painted canvases, drifting through the skies

Seasons come and seasons go, you come but once a year

And grace us with your presence; a smile, a glow of cheer

“Come near!” you beckon, “Lean in close, rejoice in my beauty,

Then rake me up into a pile, and jump right into me!”

Your vibrant hues they call to me, to celebrate your sight

To memorize your outline, before long winter’s night

Alas, it seems your stay must end, as each year it must do.

But not before you paint the ground with every splendid hue.

And not before I dance along the street with lovely, you


A little motivation to get out there and enjoy the immense beauty of God’s creation—in my favorite month of my favorite season!

Happy Fall 🙂