Meet Lexie

“She’s a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibility everywhere.”


Hey,  I’m Lexie. Thanks for stopping by!

I aspire to be that dreamer/doer/thinker/and possibility hunter, as a child of God, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I like to read, which is an understatement actually, I love to read and do it most of my free time. Did I mention that I’m an Air Force wife knee deep in the journey? Yes, that too. Thus, home is ever-changing, but currently you’ll find us in Japan.

I strive to be present in every waking moment of this one life, to squeeze out all the goodness the Lord has. This space was created to think out and share the things that the Lord is teaching me.

In my few years of living, I have come to find that I am a very visual person. The way I grasp the Lord’s work in my life is through the illustration of a weaver’s loom, which Ravi Zacharias so eloquently puts in his book, “The Grand Weaver”; God being the Grand Weaver, our one life the tapestry, and each individual thread the many experiences of our lives. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The themes and lessons along the way. The seasons of our faith. This illustration has become for me the way to see life through the lens of God; to see myself as a loom, choosing to be threaded and thus ready to be used of God for His Glory.  My post on the topic will explain that in a bit more detail.

In this space, I plan to share things I am learning, reading, and things that inspire me. You are so welcome to join me along the way.

And really, I hope you find a little bit of of yourself here, knowing you aren’t the only one. I hope this will be a place of encouragement and strengthening of your faith. And I hope that this space can be free of pride, masks, and a sense of having ‘arrived‘.

Because really, aren’t we all still gloriously unfinished tapestries anyways?



17 thoughts on “Meet Lexie

  1. Lexie, that was beautifully written. You inspire me with your vision and love of God. We don’t know each other but I am your cousin. Your Grandfather Yockey was a brother to my father. Your Mom and I are 1st cousins. I see the grace and dignity of your Grandmother Yockey and your Mom in you. God bless you and I hope you continue to find joy in life.
    Jocelyn Yockey

  2. I am excited to see where God takes you, Lexie! What faith I wish I would have had when I was your age! I pray that your journey with the Lord is full of blessings:)

  3. What a beautiful young woman you have become. You have been on my heart lately as I have thought about your upcoming trip and all that God has in store for you and the children you will meet. Keeping you and Bryson in my prayers.

  4. Hey Lexie! I saw your blog on a good friends’ Facebook. It seems we have lots of friends in common! My husband and I are going through the rough parts of the threads of life in the moment and your blog surely encouraged me! Thank you!!

  5. What a blessing to have you as my granddaughter in law. Yes, you certainly are a rich blessing. So glad you and Bryson found each other and so happy you are such a devoted child of God.

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